Prime Minister Barzani receives U.S. Congressional Delegation

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (cabinet.gov.krd) – Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani received a United States congressional delegation and the U.S. Consul General to the Kurdistan Region Steven Fagin. Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani also attended the meeting.

They discussed the political and security situation of the region in general, the situation of displaced persons who fled terrorism, and relations between the Kurdistan Region and the United States.

The delegation stressed United States support to the Kurdistan Region. They commended the role of the Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga forces in the fight against terrorism, and praised the people and government of the Kurdistan Region for protecting, accommodating, and providing assistance to a very large number of IDPs and refugees.

Prime Minister Barzani emphasized the desire of the Kurdistan Region for further strengthening of the relations of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq with the United States. He thanked the United States for its support, particularly in the fight against ISIS. He also stressed the willingness of the Kurdistan Region in confronting any threat of terrorism with coordination and cooperation between the Kurdistan Region, Baghdad, and the international coalition.

Prime Minister Barzani gave a brief overview of economic and financial constraints faced in recent years and highlighted indications of the Region’s recovery and the welcoming investment opportunities.

Regarding reform programmes initiated in various sectors, he said the KRG would benefit from the experience of friendly countries.
Also discussed were the situation in areas affected by the war against ISIS, return of IDPs to their places of origin, and improvement in relations between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad.

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