President Barzani Receives a Syriac Orthodox Delegation

Salahadin, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, (dfr.gov.krd)- President Masoud Barzani received a Syriac Orthodox Church delegation headed by His Holiness, Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, the Patriarch of the Syriac Orthodox Church. During the meeting President Barzani and Patriarch Ignatius spoke of the collective efforts against the terrorists of the Islamic State and they stated that the terrorists have only strengthened the relations between Kurdish and Syriac peoples as that history of coexistence for thousands of years cannot be affected by any force.

Patriarch Ignatius expressed his appreciation to the Kurdistan Region for the important role that has been played by the people and government of Kurdistan in providing a safe refuge to the Christian community of IDPs from Mosul and other areas which were affected by the terrorists.

President Barzani reiterated his stance on the fact that the Kurdistan Region takes great pride in its ethnic and religious diversity and that this common enemy must be made aware that an attack on any group in the Region, ethnic or religious is an attack on the entirety of the Kurdistan Region.

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