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President Barzani Allocates Emergency Aid to Flood-Hit Dohuk Governorate

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, March 19, 2020

Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani is closely monitoring the situation in Dohuk Governorate after heavy rains triggered floods and landslides that affected hundreds of families in different areas of the Governorate. President Barzani also announced an emergency aid package to assist with relief efforts in the affected areas.

On Thursday, the president spoke on the phone with Dohuk Governor, Farhad Atroshi, and expressed his condolences to the families of the two victims who lost their lives due to the flash floods that took place in Zakho and Semel areas of Dohuk. He followed up on the safety of the people affected, extent of damage, the ongoing rescue and relief efforts and ways to help the people affected.
The president announced an emergency fund of one billion Iraqi Dinars to be allocated to help with relief efforts in the damaged areas of Dohuk and reiterated the support of the Kurdistan Region Presidency with all the KRG institutions involved with helping the affected people.

Governor Atroshi expressed his appreciation to the president for his follow-up, support and financial assistance and updated the president on the latest developments and relief efforts.

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