Parliament of Navarra’s Commission for Coexistence and International Solidarity Declares Full Political Support to the Kurdistan Region

Yesterday the KRG Representative to Spain Daban Shadala appeared before the Commission of Coexistence and International Solidarity of the Parliament of Navarra to brief members on the latest developments in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the refugee situation, & the ongoing violation of human rights committed by ISIS.

Daban Shadala presented a case for humanitarian assistance to the Kurdistan Region to members of the commission, which included members of all parties in the parliament: GP Unión del Pueblo Navarro, the G. P. Socialists of Navarre, the G. P. BILDU-Navarre, the G. P. Navarre aralar-Bai, the G. P. People of the Parliament of Navarra and G. P. Left-Ezkerra.

All members of the commission expressed their solidarity with the Kurdish people & their willingness to provide full political support to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Daban Shadala thanked the Parliament of Navarre for the support and solidarity it expressed. The Board of Spokespersons adopted unanimously on October 13th an official statement by the Parliament of Navarre denouncing the military escalation in Iraq that has threatened and continues to pose a threat to Kurdish territory.

Daban Shadala was then received by the President of the Parliament of Navarra, Alberto Catalán Higueras, who welcomed him and conveyed his solidarity and support to the Kurds: “We continue to closely monitor the situation in the Kurdistan Region and we assure you that you have the full support of the people of Navarra and Spain in your fight against global terrorism. ”

Daban Shadala in turn thanked the President of Parliament for the support and solidarity, saying that “The Kurdistan region currently hosts over 1.5 refugees and IDPs. This number of people is very high considering that the population of the region is just over 4.6 million. We are currently providing shelter to a number of minorities including Yazidi Kurds, Christians, Arabs, Shabaks, Kakai’s. Kurdistan has become a home of peace and safety for all persecuted peoples of Iraq. Our resources are insufficient to meet the basic needs of those seeking refuge, so we are asking for help from our friends around the world.”

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