Diplomatic & Media Affairs

The diplomatic and media affairs desk is responsible for building and maintaining relations with the Spanish government, members of the Spanish parliament, political party representatives and other diplomatic representatives here in Madrid. Moreover it assumes the responsibility of providing the Spanish media with constant updates as to the political situation in Kurdistan and Iraq as a whole.

The desk is headed and guided directly by the KRG Representative to Spain and it is responsible for arranging high level meetings between the governments of Spain and the Kurdistan Region.

The desk is also responsible for providing the most comprehensive perspective of the Kurdistan Region to Spanish entities, including its political situation, its position within a Federal Iraq, and the people who inhabit the region.

A priority for the desk is to constantly build on the already growing relations between Spain and the Kurdistan Region via sustained dialogue and cooperation with a wide array of Spanish government departments and other important entities within Spain.

The desk works tirelessly to arrange for political delegations from the Kurdistan Region to visit Spain and meet with their counterparts in Spain, and also welcomes political delegations from Spain to visit the Kurdistan Region.

for more information contact: info@krgspain.org


Education & Culture

Due to the neglect of education by the previous regime the education system in the Kurdistan Region suffered greatly. The KRG is therefore highly committed to developing the education and research system in order to meet international standards of education. A number of initiatives have been taken by the KRG to improve the current state of the system.

The KRG has allocated $100 million to develop the Human Capacity Development Program which grants a number of scholarships for Kurdish students studying postgraduate degrees abroad. The KRG has targeted to invest a total of $3.4 billion in education by 2020.

The KRG Spain’s Education and Culture desk is therefore responsible for determining the areas of education within which we can establish academic institutional links between the Kurdistan Region and Spain. The desk works to promote bilateral cooperation between these institutions and acts as the “go between” in forging their relations and collaborations.

Seeing that a large number of students from the Kurdistan Region are being awarded scholarships from the KRG to study postgraduate degrees abroad, the desk here in the KRG Spain’s office is responsible for providing support to students who come to study in Spain. Additionally, the desk promotes the educational system of the Kurdistan Region to Spanish academic institutions and personal. This involves presenting the current state of the educational system, the work that is needed to be done to raise the standards to international levels, and the governments’ vision and plan for the future improvement of the educational system.

It is also a responsibility of the desk to help and facilitate the exchange of researchers and lecturers and to inform Spanish investors about the investment opportunities in the education and research sectors within the Kurdistan Region.

The desk is also responsible for Art and Culture, developing initiatives to promote Kurdish art and culture in Spain. This provides Spanish people with an insight into the outstanding and diverse culture, heritage and history of the Kurdistan Region. Both Kurdistan and Spain share a rich cultural heritage, from passionate music and dance, to art representing the suffering or joy of their peoples, both have many cultural aspects in common and it is the task of the desk to demonstrate this in Spain. The desk has arranged a number of art exhibitions across Spain for Kurdish artists, as well as making the necessary arrangements for Kurdish Dance and Music groups to participate in international festivals. The desk has worked to establish and maintain good relations with cultural institutions here in Spain, and works to facilitate the way for Spanish cultural events to be held in Kurdistan.

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Trade & Investment

The Trade & Investment desk at the KRG Representation in Spain is largely responsible for working with Spanish companies who wish to invest, or have already invested in the Kurdistan Region. This includes providing all relevant and most up-to-date market information & general procedures on doing business in the Kurdistan Region.

Moreover, the desk assists and facilitates business arrangements such as trips and/or business delegations to the Region. This largely encompasses arranging an itinerary of meetings for Spanish small and medium sized enterprises with key local decision makers and relevant private sector entities, to which we feel, are best suited to the company’s requirements.

Another large portion of the Trade and Investment desk’s responsibilities rest on generating a network base of Spanish companies who we feel are well suited to assisting in the development process that the Kurdistan Region is going through. This includes approaching and maintaining relations with key Spanish institutions who are focused on Trade and Investment such as: Spanish Chambers of Commerce, Spanish Government Departments and Ministries, Spanish Government Trade Institutions such as ICEX (España Exportacion e Inversiones), and Business Organisations such as CEOE (Confederacion Española de Organizaciones Empresariales). Such organisations within Spain have been key to establishing business contacts for the desk and have been very cooperative and helpful in reaching out to the companies we largely want to promote the Region to.

Communicating and promoting the Kurdistan Region’s investment opportunities in various sectors that Spanish companies excel in is another key focus of the Trade and Investment desk. In order to promote the region as an emerging market with many opportunities and areas for investment requires giving presentations on the Region and it’s economic opportunities to large audiences, given that little, here in Spain, is known about the history of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and the business opportunities that exist there.

Furthermore, this requires the desk to relay the message that the security situation in Kurdistan is extremely stable. Due to the fact that the rest of Iraq has played host to many security issues since the liberation in 2003, many people here in Spain, deem the Region extremely unsafe as it is a Federal Region within the state of Iraq. It has been, and will continue to be a large part of our work to make Spanish companies feel safe about conducting business in the Region, as most of the bloodshed that Iraq has so unfortunately has witnessed, has not spilled over into the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Therefore, the desk dedicates itself and all of its energies to ensuring that the responsibilities that rest upon it are carried out, and thanks to the arm of friendship that we have so kindly received from various Spanish entities, it is has been a task that is continuously progressing.

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PR & Kurdish Affairs

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