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KRG Spain participates in seminar at the Univeristy of Nebrija, Madrid

Daban Shadala sat on a panel last week in the University of Nebrija to discuss “Kurdistan in front of its new Jihadist enemy”. The KRG Representative to Spain was invited to speak among other guests to a seminar entitled “The New Geography of Terrorism: A Vision from Spain” in Madrid’s Nebrija University.

The panel included Spain’s previous Ambassador to Iraq Mr Ignacio Ruperez Rubio who gave an in-depth analysis of the history of terror in Iraq, how it arrived, set roots and developed into the current form that exists. He was followed by His Excellency Mohammad Hassan Fadaifard, Iran’s Ambassador to Spain. The Ambassador discussed Iran’s role in the conflict placing specific emphasis on supporting the Iraqi government forces as well as the Peshmerga forces fighting and defending the northern front. Also sitting on the panel was Iraq’s Ambassador to Spain, His Excellency Mr Wadee Al Batti.

The KRG Representative to Spain then gave an insight into how the KRG has been dealing with its new “neighbour” since the start its Northern advance back in June. He welcomed the international efforts that have been made to support the Peshmerga who have been “fighting the terrorist group on the ground to defend the principles and way of life of the free world.” Daban Shadala however called for more international support in order to help defeat the group and to provide more humanitarian aid and finances to help ease the crisis facing those from the affected areas who have sought refuge in the Kurdistan Region. Moreover, the KRG Rep to Spain emphasised the importance for European & western countries to do more to prevent the radicalisation of youths by countering the Islamist ideology in home countries.

Professor Waleed Saled Alkhalifa who runs the Arabic and Islamic Studies department at the Autonomous University of Madrid then provided his insight into the importance and necessity of the international coalition in defeating ISIS.

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