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KRG Representative to Spain met with the President of Navarra Parliament

During an official visit to the Spanish Region of Navarra Daban Shadala was received by the President of the Parliament of Navarra, Alberto Catalán Higueras.

Alberto Catalán Higueras welcomed him and expressed the solidarity and support of the Navarra Parliament towards the Kurds. He said “We continue to monitor the situation in the Kurdistan Region very closely and we assure you that the people of Navarra and Spain give you their full support in your fight against global terrorism.”

In turn, Daban Shadala discussed the current situation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the Middle East in general. He went on to inform Mr Catalàn of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Kurdistan, which is providing refuge to many refugees and internally displaced persons fleeing the terror of Daesh.

They also discussed the role of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other powers of the region in the conflict, the situation of ethnic and religious minorities, the new Iraqi government and the role it should play in defeating Daesh.

Daban Shadala thanked the President of Parliament for the support and solidarity that he and parliament had shown. He went on to say “the Kurdistan Region currently hosts over 1.5 million refugees and IDPs. The number of people is very high considering that the population of the region is just over 4.6 million. We welcome and provide shelter to Yezidi Kurds, Christians, Arabs (Shia & Sunni), Shabaks etc. – we do not discriminate.” He further went on to inform Mr Catalàn that “Kurdistan has become home for all persecuted people of Iraq, it is an island of peace and inclusion. But our resources are not sufficient to meet the basic needs of the large number of people, so we ask for the help and support of our friends abroad.”

The President of the Parliament of Navarre and the KRG Representative to Spain then visited a photography exhibition that the Red Cross had organised in the court of Parliament entitled “War From the Victims Perspective” by Jean Mohr.

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