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KRG Council of Ministers Easter message to Christians

We extend our best wishes for Easter to our Christian sisters and brothers in the Kurdistan Region and the world, particularly to those who, like other ethnic and religious communities, were forced to leave their places of origin and become displaced people, as the result of the emergence of terrorism.

We wish them a peaceful festive celebration. We hope that we will all celebrate future festive occasions together where final victory against terrorism is achieved and peace and stability prevailed.

On this holy occasion, we reiterate that Kurdistan Region’s people and government will remain the protector of the culture of tolerance and coexistence, reflecting Kurdistan people’s old principles and traditions of which they are proud. We will never allow, under any circumstances, the foundations of this culture be destabilized.

Kurdistan will remain the umbrella under which all the ethnic and religious communities are protected. Our Peshmerga forces will defend all the communities equally.

Once again, we wish our Christian brothers and sisters a peaceful Easter and hope that the displaced Christians will mark the coming future festive occasions with dignity and respect in their places of origin.

Council of Ministers
Kurdistan Region

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