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Four Universities from the Kurdistan Region allocated places on Erasmus Mundus initiative “Marhaba”

The University of Santiago de Compostela from Galicia, Spain, which proposed a new initiative called Marhaba under the Erasmus Mundus scheme, has had the budget approved for the project to go ahead. Marhaba will cover the Middle East and will therefore be accepting students from a variety of universities across the region.

Four universities from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq have been allocated a number of places for students to study in Santiago de Compostela University and a number of other universities across Europe. These universities include: Slemani University, Koya University, Raparin University, and Halabja University. A total number of forty one places have been designated to universities from the Kurdistan Region which will offer the opportunity for Kurdish students to participate in mobility programs and study postgraduate courses in a network of European universities. The project also offers post-doctoral and especially tailored programs for university teachers. Marhaba, which will be officially inaugurated in October, will run for a total of four years.

This is very encouraging news for the Kurdistan Region and is a direct result of the visit of a delegation of University rectors from Kurdistan who visited Spain last year. The KRG Spain office facilitated this initiative and helped kick start the process when it was in its early phases.

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