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The Mayor of Halabja Ali Osman and Daban Shadala visit Guernica to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the tragedy

The Mayor of the city of Halabja, Ali Osman and the representative of the Regional Government of Kurdistan in Spain Daban Shadala visited Guernica to mark the 80th anniversary of the bombing. They have been received by the President of the Basque Parliament Bakartxo Tejeria and the parliamentary commission of foreign affairs. The Kurdistan delegation has also attended the official commemoration of the bombing and met with the Mayor of Guernica – Lumo, José María Gorroño Etxebarrieta.

The city of Halabja has suffered a brutal chemical attack in 1988, in which more than 5,000 innocent people lost their lives.

The Mayor of Halabja has visited Guernica to convey the support of Halabja citizens, who understand and sympathizes with the tragedy of Guernica better than anyone else. Together, cities are committed to working tirelessly for a peace in the world, coexistence and solidarity.

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