KRG Deputy Prime Minister receives a German Parliament delegation

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (cabinet.gov.krd) – Kurdistan Region Deputy Prime Minister, Qubad Talabani, yesterday received a delegation from German Parliament, which included representatives from Christian Democratic Party, Social Democratic Party, left Party, and Green party.

The aim of the German Parliament delegation’s visit to the Kurdistan Region was to closely observe the military, humanitarian and economic situation of the Kurdistan Region.

The members of the visiting delegation expressed their appreciation for the fact that, despite the war against terrorism and the economic crisis, the Kurdistan Regional Government, KRG, has been able to protect the Region’s peace and security, and provide shelter and assistance to scores of refugees and displaced people, who fled the violent repression of the Islamic State terrorist organisation, ISIS, and took refuge in the Kurdistan Region.

They reiterated their support both at humanitarian and military levels.

The German Parliament delegation also hailed the peaceful coexistence, which prevails among the religious and ethnic communities in the Kurdistan Region.

Deputy Prime Minister Talabani expressed his appreciation for the visit, and stressed that Germany has assisted Kurdistan Region in hard days, particularly by providing military aid and training to the Peshmerga forces that have resulted in positive achievements and progress in the fight against ISIS.

He urged Germany to continue its support and assistance as, despite the fact that Peshmerga forces have been successful on the battlefront and taking back Kurdistan territories, the terrorist threat has not been definitively eradicated.

Deputy Prime Minister Talabani briefed the German Parliament delegation about the Kurdistan economic situation and the background of political differences between the KRG and Iraqi Federal Government.

The meeting was also attended by KGR Minister of Interior, Karim Sinjari, Minister of Planning, Ali Sindi, Minister of Health, Halkawt Hama Rashid and KRG Spokesperson, Safeen Dizayee.

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