DFR hosts a two-day conference for KRG representations abroad

Vienna, Austria ( – The KRG Department of Foreign Relations hosted a two-day conference in Vienna for the Kurdistan Region missions abroad. The conference was co-chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani and Head of Foreign Relations Falah Mustafa.

Minister Mustafa welcomed Deputy Prime Minister Talabani and KRG Representatives to the conference aimed at exchanging ideas and discussing future plans on how to best serve and promote the interest of the Kurdistan Region.

Deputy Prime Minister Talabani touched upon the crucial role played by the DFR as well as the KRG Representations abroad in building cultural, political, economical and educational bridges with the international community and promoting the interest of the Kurdistan Region abroad.

Mr. Talabani also briefed the KRG Representatives on the steps taken by the KRG in dealing with the military, humanitarian as well as financial challenges facing the Kurdistan Region.

During the conference, the representatives presented their activities over the past few years and discussed their future plans. The representatives also emphasized that it was important to overcome the challenges facing the KRG Representations abroad in order to further strengthen ties between the Kurdistan Region and the international community. They reiterated their commitment to serve the interests of the Kurdistan Region in the international arena to the best of their ability.

Deputy Prime Minister Talabani and Minister Mustafa expressed their full support for the KRG missions abroad and stated that the KRG and the DFR, in particular, will make necessary efforts to overcome the challenges facing the KRG missions and to bring about better coordination between the representations and the relevant KRG ministries.

The KRG Representatives who attended the conference included Dilshad Barzani, Representative to Germany; Karwan Jamal Tahir, Representative to UK, Bayan Sami Rahman, Representative to USA; Nazim Omer, Representative to Iran; Dara Bakir Salih, Representative to France; Haval Syan, representative to Australia; Rezan Hama Salih, Representative to Italy; Daban Shadala, Representative to Spain; Mustafa Ismail Ramazan Goran, Representative to Austria; Fauzi Kaddur, Representative to Switzerland; Aso Jangi Burhan, Representative to Russia; Ziyad Raoof, Representative to Poland; Delavar Ajgeiy, Representative to EU; and Shorsh Kadir Rahem, Representative to Sweden.

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