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Daban Shadala participates in conference about Kurdistan in the University of Rey Juan Carlos

Yesterday the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Representative to Spain took part in a conference titled “Kurdistan: Past, Present & Future” at the University of Rey Juan Carlos. The conference was organised by the Association for Humanitarian and Student Development & the University of Rey Juan Carlos in collaboration with the KRG Spain office.

The conference also included the participation of the Professor of International Relations at the University of Rey Juan Carlos, Pontificia Comillas Alberto Priego, Kurdish blogger and journalist Zinar Ala, and International Policy Analyst, Antonio Ponce.

Daban Shadala provided the attendees, made up of students from the university, with a history of the Kurdistan Region. He then went on to provide an insight into the relations of the KRG with neighbour states and an analysis of Daesh and the impact that the terrorist group has had on the region. Moreover he asserted that the Peshmerga, made up of both men and women, have been “crucial in the global fight against terrorism and defeating Daesh”. “As a result of the onslaught by Daesh in Iraq last summer we as the Kurdistan Region have received overwhelming numbers of refugees” he went on to say, “and we are doing our utmost to support them”.

He further added that “if the international community seeks to support democracy, stability and a region that is inclusive of all sects in the Middle East, then the Kurdistan Region is a model to support.”

Professor Alberto Priego then gave his insight into the terrorist organisation Daesh, its structure, organisation, financing, ideological beliefs and political goals.  Zinar Ala then discussed the situation of the Kurds of Rojava, the defence and liberation of Kobane and the role of women in the fight against terrorism. The final speaker was Antonio Ponce, a journalist and political analyst who recently spent time in Kurdistan, who discussed the plight of refugees and the genocide against the Yazidi Kurds.

The conference was a great success and yielded a diverse array of questions from the students, who are clearly well engaged in international politics and keen to see support from the international community given to Kurdistan.

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