A Message from President Barzani on International Coalition Meeting in London to Counter ISIS

The London meeting to counter the ISIS terrorist group is being held at a time when Kurdistan has been directing fighting this terrorist organization, and when our brave peshmerga, by sacrificing their lives, have inflicted heavy defeats on the ISIS terrorists.

Following the ISIS onslaught, the peshmerga have sacrificed their lives to protect hundreds of thousands of displaced people, including members of different ethnic and religious communities. They have liberated large swaths of territory regardless of the background of the people of these areas.

We were expecting everyone to show respect to the sacrifices made by the people of Kurdistan and its peshmerga by inviting a representative from Kurdistan to this event and similar such events. There is no doubt that the most effective force to be fighting global terrorism on the ground and in a direct way are the peshmerga.

We express the dissatisfaction of ourselves and our people with the organizers of this conference. It is disheartening for us to see the people of Kurdistan make sacrifices, while others to receive the credit. The people of Kurdistan deserve to have their representative at such international gatherings to convey the views of the people of Kurdistan and its brave peshmerga. The people of Kurdistan are bearing the brunt of the situation and no individual or side can represent it and speak on its stead in international gatherings.

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