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Round table – inauguration of the photographic EXPO “WARS AND REFUGEES: 30 years of the great Kurdish exodus”

Madrid, October 29, 2021

The exhibition “Wars and Refugees: 30 Years of the Great Kurdish Exodus” recalls, through four renowned photojournalists: José Luis Vidal Coy, Rafael Magaña, Alfredo Cáliz and Karlos Zurutuza, the events that occurred three decades ago in northern Iraq, when During the 1991 Gulf War, an entire town had to flee pursued by Saddam Hussein’s Army.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on November 10, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. in the La Corrala cultural center, with a round table with Manuel Martorell, a renowned Spanish journalist and historian, specialized in Kurdistan and with the participation of the Spanish Commission for Assistance to Refugee (CEAR), José Luis Vidal Coy, a reporter who covered the 1991 exodus and Rahim Kaderi, a Kurdish human rights activist. Moderator of the round table: Fernando Camacho Padilla, professor of contemporary history, UAM.
The event organized by the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) and the GRK office in Spain in collaboration with the Persian cultural center Persepolis. Free assistance until full capacity.


Statement by Prime Minister Masrour Barzani on US bipartisan resolution

I welcome the bipartisan resolution by our friends, Senators Chris Van Hollen and Marco Rubio commemorating Operation Provide Comfort and the strong partnership between Iraqi Kurdistan and the United States.

I also appreciate the seven original cosponsors in the House of Representatives: Mike Waltz, Jim Cooper, Chris Stewart, Jason Crow, Dina Titus, Andy Kim, Don Bacon for their friendship.

The humanitarian intervention saved countless lives; gave us the protection necessary to secure our democracy; and spawned our strong, modern partnership. Today Kurdistan is an oasis of stability in a region short on certainty.

Our friendship was forged through common ideals, and I look forward to working with our friends in the administration and Congress to further strength it.

Masrour Barzani



Kurdistan Region President receives Ambassador of Spain

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, September 22, 2021

Kurdistan Region President received Mr. Pedro Martinez, the incoming Ambassador of Spain to Iraq, in Erbil on Wednesday.

President Nechirvan Barzani congratulated Mr. Martinez on assuming the office, wished him success and expressed full support for his new mission as Spain’s Ambassador to Iraq. The President also reiterated the Kurdistan Region’s willingness to expand relations with Spain and presented a brief overview of the status of the Kurdistan Region.

Ambassador Martinez hoped to strengthen Spain’s relations with Iraq and the Kurdistan Region in all areas, especially in trade and commerce, and pledged to encourage Spain’s private sector and businesses to invest in the country. The Ambassador commended the pace of reconstruction and progress in the Kurdistan Region.

Discussions also focused on Iraq’s future, the political process in the country, the latest developments in the war against terrorism and the threats of ISIS.

J Borrell

The Prime Minister Masrour Barzani welcomed Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

Erbil, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, 7th of September 2021
The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government Masrour Barzani welcomed today Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
The Prime Minister  thanked the European Union for its support for the Kurdistan Region and underscored the important role of international observers from the EU for a clean and fair Iraqi election.
He also stressed the implementation of the Iraqi constitution and that equality, justice, and genuine partnership should be the basis of healthy governance in Iraq.
The High Representative of the EU emphasized the importance of the Kurdistan Region as a factor of stability in the region and stressed continued EU-KR cooperation, particularly in confronting terrorism.
The development of economic cooperation between the Kurdistan Region and the EU, the Reform Agenda of the ninth cabinet, Erbil-Baghdad relations, and the condition of refugees and IDPs in the Kurdistan Region were other topics of the meeting.

France reaffirms support to the Kurdistan Region

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, August 29, 2021

Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani, accompanied by Kurdistan Region Prime Minister, Mr. Masrour Barzani, and Kurdistan Region Speaker of Parliament, Ms. Rewaz Fayeq, received the President of France, Mr. Emmanuel Macron and his accompanying delegation, in Erbil on Sunday.

Discussions focused on latest developments in Iraq and the wider region, the Baghdad Cooperation and Partnership Summit, which was held in Iraq’s capital and was attended by President Macron and a number of regional and neighboring leaders.

Developing Kurdistan Region’s relations with France and areas of mutual cooperation, the dangers of terrorism and threats posed by ISIS and ways to confront it, upcoming Iraqi elections, the situation in Syria and the Kurdish question in the country were highlighted.

President Macron referred to the strong relations between France and the people of Kurdistan, and reiterated his country’s continuing support to the Kurdistan Region. Mr. Macron commended the Kurdistan Region, the role of the Peshmarga and President Masoud Barzani in defeating ISIS.

At the meeting, France’s continuing support to the Kurdistan Region was affirmed and the importance of cooperation and coordination with France and the international community were underlined in finding solutions to Iraq’s problems and resolving Erbil-Baghdad disputes. France’s constructive role and efforts to maintain peace and stability were highlighted.

The status of the refugees and the displaced people, the situation of religious and ethnic communities in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, the importance of implementing the Shingal agreement, as well as efforts to help the refugees to return to their home areas were underlined.

The meeting was attended by the Kurdistan Region Vice Presidents and Deputy Prime Minister, a number of Kurdistan Region officials, head of Foreign Relations Department, Kurdistan Region Representative to France, as well as France’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, a number of diplomatic and military officials and advisers, France’s Ambassador to Baghdad and France’s Consul General in the Kurdistan Region.

Following their meeting, President Nechirvan Barzani and President Emmanuel Macron held a joint press conference. The following is a readout of the press conference.


Kurdistan Region President’s statement on the anniversary of the genocidal Anfal campaigns in Badinan

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, August 25, 2021

As we commemorate the 33d anniversary of the Badinan Genocide today, we pay tribute to the martyrs who lost their lives at the hands of the Ba’ath regime during the last stages of the Anfal Campaigns against the civilian population in Badinan on August 25, 1988.

Five divisions of the then Iraqi army took part in the systematic attacks which indiscriminately rounded up innocent civilians, and sent them to the death camps of the Iraqi southern deserts.

More than 182.000 people lost their lives in many areas across Iraqi Kurdistan, from Garmian to Badinan, as the Anfal Campaigns systematically and indiscriminately targeted civilians. The campaigns also resulted in the destruction of thousands of villages across Kurdistan, severely damaging the environment and demolishing the infrastructure in the region.

The Anfal Campaigns in Badinan and all the crimes committed against the people of Kurdistan are eternal wounds that will never be forgotten. These heinous crimes demonstrate the oppression against the people of Kurdistan due to their peaceful pursuit of freedom and their just rights.

Remembering Anfal should encourage us to further strengthen peace and unity among all communities in Kurdistan in order to overcome current hardships. These horrifying atrocities must lead us all towards tolerance and peaceful coexistence and encourage us to further preserve Kurdistan’s achievements.

As we mark this day, we reiterate that Iraq’s federal government must live up to its legal obligations and implement the verdict of the Supreme Iraqi Criminal Tribunal and offer compensations to the victims and their surviving relatives.

Authorities must continue to work for an international recognition of the Anfal Campaigns as genocide and also continue to document these crimes to prevent their repetition anywhere else in the world.

On this day, we salute the people of Erbil and its surroundings for their courageous roles in sheltering and assisting the families who were targeted in the Anfal campaigns in Badinan. Their generosity and support to the affected families will forever remain in our memory.

We pay tribute to the memories of the fallen heroes of Anfal and all the martyrs of Kurdistan.

Nechirvan Barzani
Kurdistan Region President


A message from the KRG on the Yazidi genocide

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (GOV.KRD) – The Kurdistan Regional Government on Tuesday released a statement commemorating the 7th anniversary of the Yazidi genocide in Shingal.

Full statement from the KRG:

“Today, seven years have passed since the massacre of Yazidis in Shingal and surrounding areas. This was conducted by ISIS terrorist group in a barbaric and inhuman way: killing and displacing thousands, and kidnapping many more.

“The KRG works seriously on recognizing the massacre as a genocide, and on bringing the perpetrators to justice. The KRG will also increase its efforts toward the return of displaced Yazidis to their homeland.

“On the anniversary of this tragedy, and with the help of its allies, the KRG will put in all effort to compensate the people of this region, and all victims of ISIS. The government will put everything into protecting this land, and the different ethnicities within it.

“This enormous and unjust crime against our nation will forever remain in our memories.”

Dr. Jotiar Adel
Spokesperson of Kurdistan Regional Government


Kurdistan Region President receives Spain’s Ambassador

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, July 28, 2021

Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani received Mr. Juan Jose Escobar, Spain’s outgoing Ambassador to Iraq, on Wednesday.

At the meet, the President bid farewell to the outgoing Ambassador and wished him success in his new duties. The President also thanked Mr. Escobar for his contributions to the development of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region’s relations with Spain.

Discussions also covered future relations between the two countries, Spanish investment opportunities in the Kurdistan Region, the status of early elections in Iraq, latest developments in the wider region and other topics of mutual interest.


KRG’s Ninth cabinet marks 2nd anniversary with 27 projects started over past year

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (GOV.KRD) – The ninth cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government started 27 multisectoral projects from March 2020 to June 2021, as it reaches the 2nd anniversary since its foundation.

The KRG invested $332 million on housing projects, developed a $250 million wheat marketing project, distributed $2.56 billion worth of business licenses, and completed the MED steel factory in Erbil with a budget of $100 million.

Over 400,000 plants were distributed to farmers, and a $10 million food processing plant was constructed in Duhok as part of government efforts to promote local products.

The ninth cabinet commissioned a 100-bed hospital in Shiladze, and allocated $4 million USD to run three blood banks in the region. They further allocated $585,240 for an autism center in Erbil, $2.1 million as a bonus for health workers, and 1.6 billion dinars for cancer treatment hospitals.

The KRG launched the 150-meter road in Erbil, and relaunched the 100-meter highway project in Sulaimani after years of delay.

The 300 MW Khabat power plant and several new initiatives in Halabja were other projects of significance.


Kurdistan Region Oil Price and Production Crashed due to Spread of COVID-19 During 2020

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (GOV.KRD) – The Kurdistan Regional Government released its annual oil and gas audit report for 2020, which revealed several drops in production due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The region’s total exported and consumed oil for the year stood at 165,942,861 barrels, about 5 million barrels less comparing to 2019.

The average price of oil dropped to $28.1 per barrel as global markets crashed during the second quarter, with the gross value of crude oil sold via pipelines standing at $4,443,842,235.

As of Q4 2020, $294,315,126 of KRG funds remained held in a bank account in Lebanon due to restrictions on transferring foreign currency outside the country.

The 2020 oil and gas sector audit was performed by international auditing firm Deloitte, as part of KRG efforts promote transparency inside the government.

The full 2020 audit report is available here: