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White House hosts Minister Dizayee for meeting on KRG-US partnership

Minister Safeen Dizayee and Representative to the US Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman were hosted at the White House today for a meeting with Rob Greenway, the Special Assistant to President Donald Trump and Senior Director for Middle East and North Africa Affairs, as well as staff of the National Security Council.

In a productive meeting, the two sides discussed practical steps to closer cooperation and partnership. Minister Dizayee thanked the White House and the American people for their continued support to the Kurdistan Region in general and the Peshmerga in particular.

Earlier in the day, Minister Dizayee spoke to a crowd gathered at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy. During the wide-ranging discussion with scholar Dr. Bilal Wahab, he covered the KRG’s view of the protests in the south of Iraq and the importance of the US-KRG partnership for peace and prosperity in the region. A livestream of the event is available here:

The delegation also continued their outreach to Congress today. At a lunch meeting with the Kurdish American Congressional Caucus they briefed Representatives Ralph Abraham, who co-chairs the Caucus, David Price, Ruben Gallego, Brad Sherman, Michael Cloud, and Andy Kim on a number of pressing security, political, economic, and humanitarian affairs in Kurdistan and Iraq. He thanked them for their staunch support over the years.

Minister Dizayee and Representative Abdul Rahman also met separately with Senators Dianne Feinstein, Chris Van Hollen, and Tammy Baldwin as well as Representative John Moolenar.

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