Prime Minister Barzani receives French Senate delegation

 Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (cabinet.gov.krd) – Kurdistan Region Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani received a French Senate delegation, led by Senator Bernard Cazeau.

The visiting delegation commended the role of the Kurdistan Region military forces, the Peshmerga, in the fight against the Islamic State terrorist group, ISIS, and the protection of all the population, including various religious and ethnic communities, who fled ISIS repression and took refuge in Kurdistan.

The delegation also expressed satisfaction regarding the recent attempts exerted to resolve the outstanding issues between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Government of Iraq through dialogue and mutual understanding.

The members of the delegation expressed their support to solve the Kurdish issue in the Middle East peacefully and through democratic means.

Prime Minister Barzani expressed his gratitude to France for its support to the Kurdistan Region, especially in the military and humanitarian fields.

He noted that French President, François Hollande’s visit to the Kurdistan Region immediately after the start of ISIS attacks on the Region, was a strong message to the Kurdistan people and the Peshmerga.

Prime Minister Barzani said that Kurdistan Peshmerga Forces’ fight against ISIS has also been a fight to defend universal values and liberties. He stressed that as this terrorist group stands against the world and threatens its security, it must be ultimately eliminated and uprooted.

Regarding the ongoing military operation to liberate the city of Mosul from ISIS, Prime Minister Barzani highlighted the importance of having a post liberation joint planthat would lead to the disappearance of ISIS ideology in Iraq.

He also noted that Erbil has always been ready to resolve outstanding issues with Baghdad through mutual understanding, stressing that in future the talks will be intensified on how to strengthen security and stability in the region, in which the interests of the Kurdish people are preserved.

The two sides also discussed other regional political developments.

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