Prime Minister Barzani and UK Defence Secretary discuss liberation of Mosul

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (cabinet.gov.krd) – Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani received UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon and his accompanying diplomatic and military delegation.

In anticipation of military operations to liberate Mosul City from ISIS, the talks focused on the effective role the Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga could play in cooperation with Iraqi and coalition forces. The talks also focused on post-liberation Mosul and protection of all ethnic and religious groups.

Noting the close cooperation between the Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs and the UK Ministry of Defence, Secretary Fallon reaffirmed that the UK Government will continue military training programmes for the Peshmerga forces.

Prime Minister Barzani expressed his government’s gratitude for British government support and wished it would play a significant role in the preparation of plans for post-liberation Mosul.

Prime Minister Barzani also discussed his recent visit to Baghdad where he held talks with top Iraqi officials, focusing on the liberation of Mosul including the large number of internally displaced persons who are anticipated to take refuge in the Kurdistan Region due to military operations.

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