Erbil, Kurdistan Region, 10 October 2019

President Nechirvan Barzani says the Kurdistan Region is deeply concerned about the military operation in Syria.  In a statement on Thursday, the President of the Kurdistan Region called upon the international community to take concrete steps to end the war and build a lasting peace in Syria.

Below is President Barzani’s full statement:

We have been closely monitoring the developments in Syria and we are deeply concerned about the military operation in the east of Euphrates, especially as extremist groups of Syrian opposition are taking part in the operation.

War leads to more destruction, displacement of civilians and instability in the entire region and could pave the way for resurgence of more serious and vicious terror campaigns.

We, in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, made immense sacrifices to defeat terror, and we have witnessed the destruction of war first-hand.  We are very concerned and cautious about deteriorating security and stability, as it might lead to unforeseen and dangerous consequences, affecting the region and the world. Therefore, we spare no effort to stop this war and bring about peace, and we are ready to provide mediation and assistance.

Fighting and armed conflicts greatly undermine the region’s stability, erase the gains made against ISIS, and serve no one’s interest.  I call upon the international community and the United Nations Security Council to find a just and comprehensive solution for Syria’s future, a solution that protects the rights of all Syrians, and take concrete steps to end this war, build a lasting peace through dialogue and political means, and prevent another refugee crisis.