PM Barzani to Kurdistan Review: “Our aim is to achieve economic stability and sustainable growth.”

The new special issue of Kurdistan Review has been produced by the InvestIn Group (IIG) in partnership with the KRG’s Department of Foreign Relations (DFR).

The IIG team has met with government officials and key players from the private sector to examine recent developments in the Kurdistan Region. As such Kurdistan Review focuses 
on diplomacy, business, energy, IT & telecom, higher education, and agriculture.

Notably, “Kurdistan Review” includes exclusive interviews and analysis pieces with leading players from various sectors, who discuss the business environment in the Kurdistan Region, and their key projects that are helping to promote further growth in the Region.

The Kurdistan Region has remained 
safe, stable, and open for business in
spite of the recent political turmoil in 
the region. The support of the international
 community for the Kurdistan Region 
in its fight against ISIL terrorism reflects an investment in the future of Kurdistan and its people, the publication highlights.

In this edition, Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani says, “our aim is to achieve economic stability and sustainable growth in the Kurdistan Region. We are determined to reorganize the structure of public banks, to modernize the financial sector, to reinvigorate our economy and to galvanize support for the private sector. We are also committed to strengthening transparency and accountability within the government.”

The Kurdistan Review 2016 includes two supplements: a guide to key attractions in the Kurdistan Region, and a start-up guide for businesses seeking to establish a foothold.

Commenting on the release of the new issue of Kurdistan Review, Minister Falah Mustafa, Head of the Department of Foreign Relations, said, “Kurdistan Review is the most comprehensive economic review to cover our key industries and economy. Our broad aim is to show that Kurdistan is open to establish diplomatic relationships and making new businesses.”

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