Official Inauguration of the “Kurdish Academics Association in Spain”

Yesterday the “Kurdish Academics Association in Spain” was officially inaugurated in the office of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Representation in Spain. This is the first official Kurdish student’s body to have been established in Spain. The KRG Madrid office has given its full support to the association and has assisted with its official registration process.

The association is a fully independent body and was formed by the initiative of Kurdish students who are currently studying post graduate degrees in various Spanish universities. Kurdish students in Spain will be responsible for the running and administration of the association.

The KRG Representative to Spain, Daban Shadala, opened the event by thanking all of those who took part in the formation of the association for their hard work and initiative in creating a body that would serve the interests of the Kurdistan Region. He also pledged that “KRG Spain welcomes this initiative and will support its activities.”

The association will serve as bridge between Kurdish and Spanish academics & students and will assist those taking their first steps in making a move to either country for the purpose of furthering their academic progress. Moreover, the association will help to promote cultural and academic exchanges between the Kurdistan Region and Spain by organising an array of events.

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