Kurdistan Region President’s statement on the anniversary of the genocidal Anfal campaigns in Badinan

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, August 25, 2021

As we commemorate the 33d anniversary of the Badinan Genocide today, we pay tribute to the martyrs who lost their lives at the hands of the Ba’ath regime during the last stages of the Anfal Campaigns against the civilian population in Badinan on August 25, 1988.

Five divisions of the then Iraqi army took part in the systematic attacks which indiscriminately rounded up innocent civilians, and sent them to the death camps of the Iraqi southern deserts.

More than 182.000 people lost their lives in many areas across Iraqi Kurdistan, from Garmian to Badinan, as the Anfal Campaigns systematically and indiscriminately targeted civilians. The campaigns also resulted in the destruction of thousands of villages across Kurdistan, severely damaging the environment and demolishing the infrastructure in the region.

The Anfal Campaigns in Badinan and all the crimes committed against the people of Kurdistan are eternal wounds that will never be forgotten. These heinous crimes demonstrate the oppression against the people of Kurdistan due to their peaceful pursuit of freedom and their just rights.

Remembering Anfal should encourage us to further strengthen peace and unity among all communities in Kurdistan in order to overcome current hardships. These horrifying atrocities must lead us all towards tolerance and peaceful coexistence and encourage us to further preserve Kurdistan’s achievements.

As we mark this day, we reiterate that Iraq’s federal government must live up to its legal obligations and implement the verdict of the Supreme Iraqi Criminal Tribunal and offer compensations to the victims and their surviving relatives.

Authorities must continue to work for an international recognition of the Anfal Campaigns as genocide and also continue to document these crimes to prevent their repetition anywhere else in the world.

On this day, we salute the people of Erbil and its surroundings for their courageous roles in sheltering and assisting the families who were targeted in the Anfal campaigns in Badinan. Their generosity and support to the affected families will forever remain in our memory.

We pay tribute to the memories of the fallen heroes of Anfal and all the martyrs of Kurdistan.

Nechirvan Barzani
Kurdistan Region President

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