Kurdistan Region President Meets with Leaders of Political Parties

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, 16 October 2019

President Nechirvan Barzani met with leaders and representatives of political parties that have seats in the Kurdistan Parliament. The President of the Kurdistan Region called for the meeting to exchange views among Kurdistan political parties and to unify their positions.

The main topics of the meeting were the assessment of the internal situation of the Kurdistan Region, the Kurdistan Region’s relations with the Iraqi Federal Government, the tensions of the wider region and the effects and implications of the military operation in Syria.

All political sides agreed on the need to hold these meetings periodically. They considered the Kurdistan Region Presidency as the highest executive institution in the Kurdistan Region to hold these discussions.

The participating political parties also agreed that all sides, including the opposition parties, should bear their share of responsibilities on the national matters relevant to the Kurdistan Region.

Regarding the relations between Kurdistan Region with the Iraqi Federal Government, it was recommended that all parties unite their voice in the dialogue process with the Federal Government and Iraqi political parties in order to attain all rights of the people of Kurdistan. Including matters of budget allocation and the issues of Kurdish areas outside the Kurdistan Region’s administration in accordance with the Iraqi Constitution.

The participating sides also agreed to establish a unified bloc in the Council of Representatives of Iraq with the goal of uniting all efforts in the Iraqi institutions including Iraqi Presidency, Government and Council of Representative. The meeting also stressed Iraq’s need for stability, taking into account the sensitive situation of the wider region, the legitimate demands of citizens, de-escalation of violence and the protection of state institutions.

As for the military operation in Syria, the adoption of a pragmatic policy approach was recommended to protect the interests of the Kurdistan Region and its citizens. Also, it was recommended that all institutions and the political parties take all efforts to end the war and encourage peaceful dialogue that guarantees the rights of all the Syrian components.

Parties participating in the meeting:
– Kurdistan Democratic Party
– Patriotic Union of Kurdistan
– The Gorran Movement
– Kurdistan Islamic Group
– Kurdistan Islamic Union
– National Union Alliance
– Turkmen Development Party
– The Socialist Democratic Party of Kurdistan
– Kurdistan Communist Party
– Assyrian Movement
– Turkmen Front
– The Kurdistan Labour and Proletarian Party
– Turkmen Reform Party
– The Chaldean, Syriac and Assyrian Assembly
– People’s bloc
– Armenian bloc

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