Kurdish Politician Fuad Masum Becomes Iraq’s Seventh President

Veteran Kurdish politician Fuad Masum was voted the 7th Iraqi President yesterday by parliament. President Masum will be replacing Jalal Talabani who suffered a stroke last year and has just returned to Kurdistan after spending over a year in Germany receiving treatment.

Like Jalal Talabani, Fuad Masum hails from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and has been a Member of Parliament in Baghdad since 2005. He also served as the first Speaker of Parliament in Baghdad during the provisional Iraqi government after the fall of Saddam Hussein. He also served as the first Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region some two decades ago.

President Masum received an overwhelming majority of the votes in parliament as 211 MP’s voted in his favor. He steps into this position at a difficult time as many parts of the country have been taken over in recent months by terrorist group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and Iraq’s political and sectarian problems seem to have deepened.

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