Italy will continue its humanitarian and military support to the Kurdistan Region

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq ( – Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, received yesterday in Rome a Kurdistan Regional Government delegation, headed by Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani.

Prime Minister Barzani expressed the gratitude of the people and government of the Kurdistan Region to Italy for its provision of essential humanitarian and military assistance to the Kurdistan Region and for the visit last summer by the Italian Prime Minister to Erbil, which Prime Minister Barzani described as excellently timed as it helped show that the Kurdistan Region was supported, while facing serious terrorist threat.

He briefed the Italian Prime Minister about the latest developments in the Kurdistan Region and the continuous progress marked by the Peshmerga forces on the frontline against the Islamic terrorist organisation, ISIS. He also highlighted the situation of the displaced people from the rest of Iraq and the Syrian refugees who constitute a heavy burden on the Kurdistan Regional Government, stressing that they desperately need further assistance.


Italian Prime Minister Renzi reiterated that his government “will continue to provide humanitarian and military assistance to the Kurdistan Region, and in order to eradicate terrorism we will stand side by side with the Kurdistan Region in every way possible.” He also expressed his respect to the courage of the Peshmerga Forces in their fight against terrorism.

Mr. Renzi expressed his concern for the spread of terrorist organisations in other parts of the world, stressing the need to confront terrorism all together.

He added that Italy will support the Kurdistan Region because it has a strategic position, considering Italy as Kurdistan people’s friend.

Prime Minister Renzi stated that Italy has decided to upgrade its diplomatic representation in Erbil to Consulate General, considering that this move will send a message to the world that the situation in the Kurdistan Region is better than before. He stated, “It is important for us that Kurdistan Region’s stability continues.”

Both sides also discussed the relationship between Erbil and Baghdad, the situation in Mosul, political developments in Iraq and the importance of including all the components of Iraqi society in governance. They also discussed the situation in Syria and its repercussion on the situation in Iraq and the wider region. The two sides reiterated that a political solution is needed for the Syrian crisis.

The KRG delegation included Deputy Prime Minister, Qubad Talabani, Minister of Endowments and Religious Affairs, Kamal Muslim, Head of the Department of Foreign Relations, Minister Falah Mustafa, KRG spokesperson, Minister Safeen Dizayee and the KRG Representative to Italy Ms Rezan Hama Salih.

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