Head of DFR Minister Safeen Dizayee meets Britain’s Ambassador to Iraq Jon Wilks

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (dfr.gov.krd) – Minister Safeen Dizayee on 2nd September received Britain’s Ambassador to Iraq Jon Wilks, accompanied by Mr. James Thornton, the UK’s Consul General in the Kurdistan Region.

Ambassador Wilks and  Minister Dizayee, the Head of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Department of Foreign Relations (DFR), highlighted areas of mutual interest and common concern where the Kurdistan Region and Britain can deepen ties and increase cooperation, including the political, economic, investment, cultural, security and humanitarian fields, as well as education, capacity building, and private sector promotion.

Minister Dizayee reiterated the Kurdistan Region’s unwavering commitment to strengthening its bilateral relations and development cooperation with Britain. He also briefed Ambassador Wilks on improving Erbil-Baghdad ties and cooperation based on mutual understanding, as well as on recent developments in Iraq and the Region.

Ambassador Wilks congratulated Minister Dizayee on his appointment and wished him success in performing his duties.

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