The mobilisation must continue in favor of Kurdistan and for the benefit of Iraq

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The catastrophic situation that is facing the population in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq requires the continuation and amplification of the mobilization of the international community. France intends to play an active role in providing, in conjunction with its partners and in conjunction with the new Iraqi authorities, all necessary assistance.

Humanitarian deliveries took place in recent days. They will continue. The President of the Republic asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development to personally follow the issue.

After the conversation on the Aug. 7 between the President of the Republic and President Barzani, France has made ​​arrangements to support the operational capability of the forces engaged against the Islamic State. To meet the urgent needs expressed by the regional authorities in Kurdistan, the head of state has decided, in agreement with Baghdad to provide weapons to the Kurds in the coming hours.

France reiterates its support to the Prime Minister designate, Mr. Haidar Al-Abadi, as well as Iraqi political leaders including the President of the Republic and the President of Parliament. It is essential for the early set up of a unity government, representative of all Iraqi communities to fight effectively against the Islamic State.

The change must continue for the benefit of Kurdistan and Iraq. Coordination of aid is essential.

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