European Union expands scope of military and humanitarian engagement in Kurdistan

The political chief of the European Union’s delegation to Iraq, Mr Charles Stuart, met with the Head of the KRG Foreign Relations Department Minister Falah Mustafa to discuss the latest humanitarian, military, and political developments and to express the EU’s continued support for Kurdistan.

Mr Stuart said, “In the context of the current crisis in Iraq, the EU delegation in Baghdad has been tasked by Brussels to gather information and analysis on the military situation and the Kurdistan Regional Government’s need for military assistance to cope with the ISIS threat.”

He conveyed the determination of EU member states to continue support for the Kurdistan Region in terms of humanitarian assistance and the fight against ISIS terrorism. He added, “We salute the resilience of the Kurdistan Region in the face of the current security, humanitarian, and financial challenges facing the Kurdish people. The Kurdistan Region has sheltered hundreds of thousands of members of religious minorities and has been effectively fighting a terrorist organisation that poses an international threat.”

Because the Kurdistan Region faces many challenges simultaneously, “The EU has decided to expand its scope of military and humanitarian engagement in the Kurdistan Region,” Mr Stuart said.

Minister Mustafa welcomed the further engagement of the European Union, stating, “Members of the European Union have played a crucial role in galvanizing humanitarian and military assistance for the Kurdistan Region by communicating the KRG’s message to the international community with appropriate urgency. The government and the people of the Kurdistan Region are grateful for these actions.”

Minister Mustafa briefed the delegation on the latest developments and the formation of Iraq’s new government. He said, “Our participation in the new Iraqi government has once again demonstrated to our friends in the international community that the Kurdish leadership is willing to solve problems with Baghdad through negotiation and dialogue.”

Colonel Rupert Pulvertaft, Senior Advisor to the Chairman of the EU Military Staff, Ms Evija Kravcenko, Advisor to the Crisis Response Managing Director, and Karwan Jamal, Deputy Head of the KRG Department of Foreign Relations also attended the meeting.

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