Ministries and Departments Minister
Prime Minister Nechirvan Idris Barzani
Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani
Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources Abdulstar Majeed
Minister of Culture and Youth Khalid Doski
Minister of Education Pshtiwan Sadiq
Minister of Electricity Saladin Babakir
Minister of Endowment & Religious Affairs Kamal Muslim
Minister of Finance & the Economy Rebaz Mohammad
Minister of Health Dr. Rekawt Hama Rasheed
Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research Dr. Yousif Mohammad
Minister of Housing and Reconstruction Darbaz Kosrat Rasul
Minister of Justice Sinan Abdulkhaliq Çelebi
Minister for the Interior Abdul Karim Sultan Sinjari
Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Mohammad Qadir
Minister of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs Mahmood Haji Salleh
Minister of Municipalities and Tourism Nawroz Mawlud Amin
Minister of Natural Resources Abdullah Abdulrahman Abdullah (Ashti Hawrami)
Minister of Peshmerga Affairs Mustafa Said Qadir
Minister of Planning Ali Sindi
Minister of Trade and Industry Samal Sardar
Minister of Transport and Communications Jonson Siyaoosh
Chief of Staff, Kurdistan Region Presidency Dr Fuad Hussein
President, Divan of the Council of Ministers Nechirvan Ahmed
Secretary of the Cabinet Mohammad Qaradaghi
Head of the Department of Foreign Relations Falah Mustafa Bakir
Chairman of the Investment Board