Statement of joint meeting between Council of Ministers Presidency and Kurdistan representatives in Baghdad

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (cabinet.gov.krd) – Kurdistan Region representatives in the Iraqi government and parliament and the Kurdistan Region Presidency of Council of Ministers today met in Erbil to discuss the latest developments in the implementation of the agreement, signed on 2 December 2014, between the Kurdistan Regional Government, KRG, and Iraqi Federal Government.

Following a presentation of data and information on the quantity of oil that the Kurdistan Region has exported, the participants in the meeting agreed on the following:

1. The Kurdistan Region has abided by the terms of the aforementioned agreement and the Iraqi budget law of 2015, as it has exported the amount of oil, stipulated in the agreement. Regrettably, the Iraqi Federal Government, in return, did not abide by its obligations of sending the financial liabilities of Kurdistan Region. This comes as Kurdistan Region endures heavy financial burden due to its 2014 budget being withheld by the Iraqi Federal Government, conducts a fierce struggle against terrorism and accommodates more than one and half million refugees and internally displaced people. The impact of these difficulties on the Region is not being taken into consideration by the Federal Government.

2. The meeting stressed on continuing attempts to solve issues and problems through dialogue with the Federal Government.

3. The Kurdistan Regional Government will abide by the agreement with Baghdad and the Iraqi budget law of 2015. However if dialogue and negotiations with the Iraqi Federal Government do not lead to any result, and if the Federal Government continues to violate the Iraqi budget law of 2015 and withhold Kurdistan Region’s financial liabilities, the KRG will resort to other solutions to ensure the necessary budget for Kurdistan Region.

4. The meeting called on the Iraqi Federal Government to settle the issues between KRG and the Federal Government based on its political programme, and abide by the Federal Constitution and the laws in place.

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