Daban Shadala Rounds up Visit to Catalonia

The Kurdistan Regional Government Representative to Spain, Daban Shadala, visited Catalonia in a bid to secure political support and humanitarian aid. His visit comes as part of his efforts to secure support from Spain’s autonomous regions.

His visit to Catalonia began with a meeting with the General Coordinator of the Democratic Convergence of Catalonia, Josep Rull. Daban Shadala briefed him on the current situation in Kurdistan with regards to the fight against the terrorist group ISIS. He went on to inform Mr Rull about the current humanitarian crisis that is facing the region as a result of the ISIS onslaught, which saw the group take over large parts of Iraq and forced thousands to flee their homes.

The KRG Representative to Spain said “we are dealing with some 1.8 million refugees and Internally Displaced Persons. We are doing our utmost to provide them with shelter, food and water, but our resources are limited.”

Mr Rull praised the efforts of the Kurdish Peshmerga Forces in their bravery and fight against ISIS. He applauded the Kurds’ efforts in defending democracy and the free world against an extremist ideology. He further stated that he would like to see an increase in political, economic and cultural cooperation between Kurdistan and Catalonia.

Daban Shadala then went on to meet with the President of the Commission for Foreign Action, European Union & Cooperation of the Catalan parliament, Jordi Solè I Ferrando. Mr Solè expressed his desire to see greater collaboration between Kurdistan and Catalonia and stated that he was open to the idea of receiving parliamentary delegations from Kurdistan.

Overall the visit to Catalonia was successful and both Josep Rull and Jordi Solè I Ferrando agreed to work with the KRG Spain office in the future in order to strengthen ties on a number of levels. They also expressed their gratitude to the Kurds fighting against ISIS and to the KRG for supporting such a large number of displaced people in spite of the limited resources at their disposal.

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