Christmas message from KRG Council of Ministers

The Kurdistan Regional Government Council of Ministers wishes a merry Christmas to all Christians of Kurdistan, Iraq, and the world.

As we endeavour to liberate their region from terrorism so they can return safely and peacefully to their homes, we hope this year’s Christmas will mark the return of peace and stability to our Christian brothers and sisters in Kurdistan and Iraq.

We celebrate Christmas this year at a time when despite the terrorists being eliminated and expelled in large areas of Kurdistan and Iraq, yet other areas of our Christian brothers and sisters and other religious and ethnic communities are, unfortunately, still under terrorists’ control.

Scores of our Christian brothers and sisters and other communities have taken refuge in the Kurdistan Region and live the hard life of displaced people.

On this occasion, while we pay tribute to the welcoming and hospitable disposition of the people of Kurdistan ingrained in our cultural traditions of tolerance and coexistence, the Kurdistan Regional Government reaffirms its commitment to host and assist our Christian brothers and sisters and members of all other ethnic and religious communities who have sought refuge in Kurdistan.

As we celebrate Christmas we look forward to celebrating festivities of all our many communities, in peace, happiness, prosperity, and free from terrorism.

We wish all a merry Christmas and a happy new year

Kurdistan Regional Government
Council of Ministers
24 December 2016

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