KRG Oil and Gas Council meets members of Kurdistan Parliament

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, ( – A meeting between Kurdistan Regional Government’s Oil and Gas Council and a delegation from Kurdistan Parliament was held yesterday to discuss the financial crisis in the Kurdistan Region and the pending issues between Erbil and the Federal Government of Iraq.

Kurdistan Parliament’s delegation included the Speaker, his two deputies, the heads of political parties’ parliamentary groups, head of the energy and natural resources committee and head of the economic, financial and investment parliamentary committee. The Kurdistan Regional Government’s Oil and Gas Council included KRG Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Natural Resources, Minister of Finance and Economy and Minister of Planning.

They discussed the latest developments in Kurdistan and Iraq and, focusing particularly on the budget, natural resources and ways to implement genuine reforms aimed at easing the financial crisis which the Kurdistan Region is going through.

They stressed the importance of adopting a unified Kurdish policy and stance towards Baghdad. It was agreed that the continuation of dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad was necessary and work to ensure that the Kurdistan Region receives its share from Iraq’s federal budget which was approved earlier this year by the Iraqi parliament.

They agreed on the need for increased cooperation between the Parliament of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Regional Government particularly in adopting plans that would help easing the financial crisis. The need to undertake reforms in a number of sectors, coupled with increased transparency across all government institutions and ministries, were also discussed in the meeting.

The members of the Kurdistan Parliament delegation reiterated their support to the Kurdistan Regional Government in its efforts to establishing a road map for settling the current crisis that the Kurdistan Region passes through. It was, finally agreed that the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Ministry of Natural Resource will publish all the information related to its activities on a weekly basis on its official website, particularly those related to the amounts of oil produced and exported.


PM Barzani strongly condemns the destruction of the historic Mosul artefacts by ISIS

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, ( – In a statement, Kurdistan Region Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani, on Friday condemned the destruction of Mosul museum by the Islamic State terrorist organisation, ISIS. He stressed that this act is another indicator of the threat this terrorist organisation poses to world history and civilisation.

Following is the text of Prime Minister’s message:

Citizens across Iraq and the Kurdistan Region were devastated to see the images of the destruction of Mosul museum, where the terrorists of ISIS brutally and heartlessly destroyed ancient monuments and historical objects that carry the history of centuries BC.

The destruction of ancient artefacts of Mosul museum is a great loss to world’s civilisation. We are certain that the entire world shares our pain of seeing the destruction of ancient monuments from the Assyrian, Chaldean, Medes, Mesopotamian and Islamic civilisations, which represents a loss for human heritage. With this act ISIS has proved once again that it is not only against humanity but also against its heritage and peoples human and civilised values.

We strongly condemn and deplore the destruction of the museum, which embodied the spirit of coexistence between the peoples of the region. At the same time, we add our voice to that of the Governor of Nineveh and demand that UNESCO and the neighbouring countries work to prevent the illegal smuggling of ancient artefacts which have been stolen by ISIS terrorists prior to the destruction of Mosul museum. They represent an integral part of Iraq and the region’s history and heritage.

Nechirvan Barzani

Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region
26 February 2015