KRG coalition parties meet to discuss current developments

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq ( – Kurdistan Region Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani, on Monday chaired a meeting with representatives of the five political parties that are participating in the ruling Kurdistan Regional Government coalition. The meeting discussed the current situation in the Kurdistan Region, the war against terrorism, the financial difficulties facing the Region and joint implementation of KRG’s eighth cabinet programme. The meeting was also attended by a number of KRG ministers.

Prime Minister Barzani voiced the KRG’s appreciation of the efforts exerted by the Kurdish Parliamentary blocks in the Federal Iraqi Parliament and their MPs who worked together and showed an outstanding spirit of unity during the parliament’s recent voting on the Federal Budget, which ended in the benefit of the Kurdistan Region.

Prime Minister Barzani highlighted the importance of a united political speech by the KRG coalition parties and stressed the significance of maintaining the spirit of unity and cooperation in the current broad-based government and act more responsibly while dealing with the developments facing the Region. Barzani noted that the coalition parties are united in the government and this should reflect also in their media outlets.

The Minister of Peshmerga Affairs updated the participants about the latest developments in the war against the Islamic State terrorist organization, known as ISIS. The Minister of Finance pointed to his ministry’s efforts in confronting the financial crisis, facing the Region and ways to reform, generate income while taking some austerity measures to cope with the crisis. The Minister of Natural Resources briefed the audience about the recent agreement reached between Baghdad and Erbil on oil export and budgetary issues. The minister also highlighted his ministry’s efforts in meeting the Region’s needs in fuel. The three ministers later answered questions asked by the representatives of political parties.

The participants also focused on the current situation in the Kurdistan Region which is in a state of war against terrorism and stressed the necessity to put aside internal political differences and develop united stances against the threats and issues facing the Region.

Strengthening the Peshmerga Forces and acquiring more international aid for them channels was also discussed.

The representatives of the political parties in the KRG coalition praised the role of the United States and international coalition partners, as well as Turkey and Iran, who supported the Kurdistan Region in its war against terrorism. They stressed that the Federal Iraqi Government must offer more support to the Peshmerga Forces who are now fighting ISIS on behalf of the world.

It was agreed to hold another similar meeting in a near future in order to follow up on all relevant issues, including efforts to deal with the Region’s financial difficulties, move forward in the reform process in KRG departments and institutions, improving relations between all the political parties in Kurdistan Region and develop effective programmes and plans for the Region to help it better cope with the challenges currently it faces.


Kurdistan Region needs further military and humanitarian assistance

In a meeting held yesterday in Erbil with the US Ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones, Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani, said Kurdistan Region Peshmerga forces need further military assistance in their fight against the Islamic State terrorist organisation, ISIS.

He also stressed that in order to be able to continue providing assistance to the displaced people and refugees, who fled ISIS violent repression and took refuge in Kurdistan, further humanitarian aid is required.

The two sides also discussed bilateral relations between Kurdistan Region and the United States, recent agreement reached between Erbil and Baghdad on oil export and budgetary issues and the latest developments in the war against ISIS.

The two sides also discussed possible future developments of this war and the issue of liberation of the city of Mosul and its surrounding areas.

The US Ambassador reiterated his country’s commitment to continue providing aid to the Kurdistan Region and its Peshmerga forces.